Would it shock you if Taylor Swift won a #Grammy?

I know this is a little outside my usual sports-related stuff, but…
Wouldn’t it have been great if Taylor Swift got married to Taylor Lautner so they could both be named Taylor Lautner? OK, whatever.
Oh my God, I won?
Here’s the deal: Taylor Swift needs to stop being so flipping shocked when she wins an award. She’s up for best country album and, while she’s not a sure thing, she’s always got a good chance.
Have you ever seen Taylor Swift win an award? She looks like she’s auditioning for a role in a porno. Aaaaaaaah.
Really, woman, you’ve won before. Stop acting so surprised. It’s not humility anymore. It’s embarrassing.
I’m not trying to pick on you. Honest. You win awards because you’re good and you deserve to win awards. You should be proud of that. But the Oh My GOD schtick has gotten out of hand.
Up next, my thoughts on football players Swifting when they make a tackle or get into the end zone.
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