Fun times at #MarlinsSocial

You saw it here first. The exclusive photo that will rock Marlins fandom forever. For the first time in one place, left to right: @BoobiesNStanton, @LoMoDimples and @FakeMarlinsFan. This photo was taken by the future Mrs. BoobiesNStanton and authenticated by @AllisonW_Sports herself.


Had a great time at the Marlins Ballpark with this gang and many others, including the @FSFlorida_Girls, who, although they are not Bonobos, are nonetheless mildly attractive.

Gotta thank the Marlins for recognizing the fun of social media and rewarding fans for sticking by the team through good times and bad. The food was really good, too. No Spam, unfortunately, but they had a lobster sandwich with real lobster in it, a shrimp sandwich with real shrimp in it, and an Asian burger with… let’s just say I did not ask for the ingredients on that one.

There was a game going on, too. GiancarloCruzMikeStanton homered to give fans a shred of hope after giving up five runs in the first inning to the Cardinals. @BoobiesNStanton cheered when the ball went over the fence and the Thing went off. So did the home run sculpture. Remind me not to stand near @BoobiesNStanton when Stanton homers next time.

Allison interviewed @FakeMarlinsFan and me on the air. Asked us both how to stop the slump. I said eat plenty of Spam and do the Jungle Love dance (a.k.a. “The Bird”) from Morris Day and the Time. I swear, when I said Jungle Love, Allison must have thought I was talking interracial romance. Then she realized it was a dance.

@FakeMarlinsFan shocked everyone by offering to sleep with John Buck to break the slump. Come to think of it, he did go missing for a few minutes after that. Coincidence, I’m sure.

Quick thanks to @abuznego, the Marlins social media guru, for putting the festivities together. The ballpark looks and is great, the team is really trying, and the crowd is both showing up and responding: Marlins have a hometown crowd at last!


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